Web design and development is a hugely evolving industry, as is any which is heavily based on user interaction its pretty much inevitable that we will see some big changes in 2017.Web design and development is a hugely evolving industry, as is any which is heavily based on user interaction its pretty much inevitable that we will see some big changes in 2017.
In this post we will look at some of the trends and predictions that will shape the world of web design in 2017. From elements to the latest technologies, expect to see these trends and more in the 2017 Web design world!
**1. Micro Interactions** <br>You may have seen this one coming. Since late 2015 designers and developers have been using micro interactions the first time most may have seen this would probably have been in Android lollipop, when google made their app draw open up with mini animation of a simple circle it changed from that point how android would be used. It made the android user interface more appealing and approachable to new users and as this concept becomes more and more accessible to web designers and developers through various frameworks such as css3 and some new js frameworks we should expect to see some really cool and outside the box designs with micro interactions in this new year.

**2. Mobile First Approach?!**<br>I know this isn’t anything new the whole of last year was spent with companies making the change to mobile first but that’s not what this is about. With mobile design there are more restrictions than say designing for a 15 inch laptop, we strongly believe that this time next year that will no longer be the case as we’ve seen in just the last year more and more developers are putting new technologies together to allow designers to put the same amount of information on a mobile device. We’ve seen a huge shift of clients who want their site on mobile first with the same features as the desktop alternative. With this demand in the industry expect to see mobile functionality overtake your PC on the web maybe just a little bit.
**3. Interactive Storytelling**<br>Storytelling is a huge part of any website and when done right can attract a huge amount of visitors to your website. here are some of the storytelling tools we think are going to change in the next year; <br>a. Video <br>Using video to communicate a brand message is nothing new we see it every day on tv. However, this will change on the web. Expect to see more brand-related videos on websites in 2017, We believe video will take up 72% of web traffic. <br>b. BotsĀ  <br>With a huge effort being put into making the web more user-friendly and interactive developers will add bots to their sites to help users do various activities throughout their websites and applications. This will make the web more personal and interactive.
**4. Haptic Feedback**<br>This isn’t exactly a new concept. In fact, you may already have a haptic feedback-enabled device such as a phone or tablet. With the mobile-first initiative developers will be soon able to take full advantage of the haptic/ tactile feedback engines in your device. This is currently in testing so do expect to see this roll out in the next 12 months.
**5. Performance & Analytics Insights**<br>Your websites design aspects hang greatly on its functionality. In 2017 we believe brands will pay more attention to performance metrics and user behaviour on their website. These metrics will go way beyond unique visitors and latest page views. With analytics that can tell you which part of your site to improve and which parts to discard or redesign this will allow brands to further increase their engagement and get more conversions and their users to the end goal faster.
These are just five out of thousands of new trends to come to the world of the internet. Developers and designers take note when your making a website or application in january take these technologies into account.