Nixie clocks are amazing devices that use 50’s Soviet technology to produce a warm orange glow from it’s internal filament contained in a vacuum tube. Originally used for scientific technology as a way of displaying decimal numbers they said at the time that it would be impossible to make them commercially available as it would be too expensive for the consumer market.

As of recently a lot of hobbiests have been making nixie clocks out of new old stock (NOS) and making them publicly available through EBay. There is a particular watch made famous by Steve Wozniak called the Nixie Watch. It is developed by Cathode Corner, if you wish to have a look at one of the many designs of them.

But I’ll get to the point, Nixie clocks are not cheep, as they’re usually developed by one or two people working from home in their spare time. But as expensive as they are, they are a beautiful design, The way the digits are displayed, and the colour of them, they add a lot of warmth to the room they’re in.

A lot of people are addicted to these clocks, and with their power supply, they can last for years. So you can rest assured you’re getting what you pay for with these devices, but, this is if you should buy one. So… In my opinion, if you need a clock, and want something that not many people may have, as well as it being practical, I’d say yes, these devices are amazing, both in look, and in how they make the atmosphere feel.