The description of social media is directly quoted as “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking”. This relates mainly to apps and websites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. These 3 apps have their own characteristics that are fun to use and convenient to staying in touch with. But soon all these Applications will fall into one. Facebook was the original out of the three but they are all beginning to seem way too similar.

In this post I am going to be talking about the similarities between Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat and see if the three could one day be merged into one application.


Of course Facebook is one of the highest grossing social media sites and Applications. But lately Facebook seems to be picking off from other social apps. Firstly I am going to be pointing out the new story add on to the Facebook and messenger app. Stories were originally introduced on Snapchat. What it is a post you can add which has a 24 hour time of visibility. These mostly contained photos of what the user is up to or someone posting temporary blogs. It was an amazing add on and it made social media easier to use for users who like the idea of no permanent posts. It simply made silly videos and photos temporary which of course helped users of social media more confident in expressing themselves. Facebook I believe saw the effect this was having and felt it can help continue its success.

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Next I am going to be pointing out the Messenger Camera. The messenger camera has a lot of new characteristics. These consist of fun filters, stickers and the ability to edit photos. These photos can have text added to them and sent directly to other users. Sound Familiar? That’s because it is nearly the exact same as the Camera on Snapchat. It was an unneeded add on as you could always use messenger to send photos and this just complicates it slightly. You could also already edit photos on Snapchat save them and then send it on messenger with what I believe to be less effort. This is again another way Facebook

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This app I believe is the most widespread one. It is much easier to get in touch with others world wide with the use of the hash tags. It is mainly used for people to post photos and videos. That was supposed to be all that it was but sadly Instagram followed in the copy cat train. Firstly it also added a story mode which was seen as okay as it is an app used for posting photos and videos. It also added its own add ons to the story mode like Boomerang videos so that is forgivable. But Instagram had added a direct messenger to the app. This is un needed due to the fact the app was made to post and comment on others posts. The direct messenger just made it seem the exact same as Facebook.



Snapchat is the only one who updated and kept updating with little to no similar add ons to other apps. People would argue that Snapchats new location add on is similar to Facebooks Near Me add on. It also added direct messenger which is very similar to Messenger but it makes up for it by keeping its visibility timing.

Snapchat I believe is one of the most original social app out there nowadays. It doesn’t seem to pick off any other apps add ons and still manages to see success with keeping to its original state.



Over all Snapchat seems to be keeping its original design and making its own new add ons so I believe that removes it from the similar apps. But Instagram and Facebook seem to be nearly exactly similar other than the design. I believe it would be save to say that in a near future the two may become so similar that they could be made into one app.

Of course I don’t mean to offend anyone with these posts. All three apps are very successful and great to use. I use all on a daily basis so it would be hypocritical if I planned to taunt the apps.