Doki doki literature club, on the surface, looks like a anime inspired dating simulator, but when you get into the game, there is a lot more to it. The game it’s self can control It’s files and move stuff around to show you something that’s about to happen, or show you random poems during the game, one feature in particular is that it can delete people from the game. As you’re playing you find out that the president of the literature club is a sentient AI, that is in love with you, and is changing the other character’s files so that they act out and force you to dislike them, to the point where she makes two of the characters kill themselves, one she deletes completely from the game.

On the other hand, if you remove said character from the game, you can change the outcome, putting someone else in charge. This changes the ending of the game completely, shifting the dynamic, and changing how everyone acts towards each other. On the other hand, you can open these files, as they’re saved as .chr, a file type that doesn’t actually exist as a standardized file type. Monika and Natsuki’s files are image files, open-able with Paint, or Paint 3D (Windows 10.) Sayouri’s file is more complicated, it’s a QR code, hidden in a sound file, so you will need a sound to image converter to view it. Yuri’s file opens in a bunch of jumbled text, but looking at it properly, it’s a code language called Base 64, so when put through that, it gives you a short story that the dev had written a few years before starting work on the game.

Monika’s image, on closer inspection is a binary code, with 64 bits on each line, black = 0 and white = 1, when decoded it gives a cryptic message about a new game coming in 2018, which is confirmed to be called Project Libatina at the moment from Sayouri’s QR code, which brings you to a fake medical record of a girl called Libatina, documenting her having psychic powers. Natsuki’s image brings up a Photoshop negative of an image, which when changed, and wrapped around a 3D cone, viewed from above, shows an anime style character not seen in the game, her hair is messy and floating, and her eyes are white, we suspect this is the protagonist for the next game, or possibly an antagonist.

There is a lot that went into making Doki Doki Literature club, and a lot that the player can do to mess around with the people within the game, so go have fun, enjoy the game, and see what you can do to change it.