This software has scored a perfect score in nearly all reviews I have seen. The software seems to be the best for your computer but sadly it comes at a price. I don’t mean with any damages to your PC I mean an actual price. In this I am going to be discussing if the price of the software is worth the security that comes with it.

Bullguard for one device is currently going for €23.96 with a special holiday deal but originally the software was going for €29.95. It seems a reasonable price of course and this is for one year. So rounded up you would normally be paying €30 a year for the security. Lets take a look at exactly what bullguard has to offer us for its price.

Straight away after opening bullguard you are given these options.

Straight away you are given the option to review what the software is doing at the time. Lets explore more into these.

When you go into one of the options you are given a more detailed selection. Of course after seeing it you are given many things that would be useful such as Weekly Reports, PC Tune up, Parental control etc. This is options which are not offered on many other softwares like this. The options you are given straight away are already making Bullguard look good.


The firewall on Bullguard is one of the strongest firewalls you can get your hands on. And to make it better you have full control over it too. You can review recent activity on the firewall which help keep an eye on any changes in the computer or to the firewall itself. You are given a message whenever anything new is brought on to your PC and given the option to block or allow it to have access to the internet.

Parental Control

For all paranoid parents the parental option is specifically designed for yous. It can filter what can be seen on the PC the software is installed on. The options are given in age groups which can filter out sexual content, controversial content and you are given the option to block certain URLs if needed. This makes Bullguard a favorite to parents and guardians.


The antivirus gives you the three main options. Quick scan, Full scan and Custom Scan. These scans are very effective with personal experience and it is pointed out in other reviews I have read. The scans are done in a reasonable amount of time and if a problem is detected you are given the option to take action straight away. This is a main function which is needed in all computers and even better when effective.


After reviewing Bullguard personally and researching other experiences Bullguard has been proven to be one of the best soft wares to have on a computer. I believe personally the price of Bullguard is very reasonable for the protection it is giving. And with the other options given Bullguard is giving more than other softwares at a better price.