When you buy a new computer the first thing your attention is brought to is the keyboard. But afterwards little to no attention is brought upon it if you know how to use it correctly. It makes it easy to ignore the faults in an ordinary keyboard. After you put your fingers on a mechanical keyboard you will never want to go back. This is the benefits of purchasing a mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards are made to help make a more comfortable and faster experience. Put into simple words it is brought to their shapes and key mechanics but a more detailed description is needed for something like this. Firstly we are going to look into the overall build of these keyboards.

The first thing about these keyboards is that they have removable key caps. Due to their wide range of key caps they are built to be modified again and again.

(different key switches available to mechanical keyboards)

This makes it more exciting and more time consuming for people who have a large interest in computing. With their range of key caps it can make more of a personal fit instead of being stuck with the one design. Think of it as making your own phone to suit your needs instead of buying a factory version. They also can come with a led lighting function which of course just makes your keyboard look cool.
But that’s not all these key caps do for you. Mechanical keyboards come with a lightning fast response time. This is due to their special design which can be seen below.

  • The swithces (located on the left of the diagram) make for a faster response time.
  • The design makes it possible to cause a key to be recognised without it being pressed all the way down.
  •  It is a quite impressive mechanic and makes for something worth bragging about to your friends.

This makes perfect for people who find typing too time consuming and makes for a better gaming experience.

These keyboards also come with a more sturdy design than an ordinary keyboard. They generally come with a metal or strong plastic design. This is ideal for people who bring their computers outside of their home or for people who are just clumsy in general. It is also more easily repaired as the design of the keyboard is less permanent when made. Some of these keyboards come with a curved design where the keys are located. This helps prevent hand cramping and makes for more comfortable resting while typing or gaming.

Now the build of these computers are great and it would be preferred by anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis but the price of them can be a large con. The best of these keyboards can go for an average price of €80 and higher. There are ones at cheaper prices but they do not have all the functions mentioned above.

Personally I would see these keyboards as a better never used than used and never had. It would just make a more frustrating experience every time you use an ordinary keyboard. So if you are looking to purcharse one be sure you are going to have a constant usage of it.

They also make it easier to keep your keybaord clean. You always hear people complain about their keyboards getting dusty and having things stuck in the keys and with the usually water proof build and removable key caps it makes it a less frustrating job to keep it clean.


Overall these keyboards are an amazing piece of work and really make for a new experience in computer usage. I believe after my research into them it is definitely worth the price but only if you don’t have to go back to using an ordinary keyboard. Especially if it is for a gaming usage.